Where in the World Is Rick Berlin?

In previous posts, I have written about Rick Berlin’s childhood and his journey to self-acceptance. The map above is a visual representation of that biographical narrative as I know it so far.

Plotting the life of Rick Berlin is proving to be an ongoing endeavor. Each time we meet, I discover landmarks in his life I previously missed, or places and people Berlin forgot until something in our conversation sparked a memory.

So, you will have to forgive the inchoate nature of my Google Map. I, like Bill O’Reilly, am “doing it live,” and if I have learned anything about Rick, it’s that there are always more surprises. The map will continue to be updated as I learn more.

More maps are forthcoming though! Next week’s posts will take an in-depth look at the bands Berlin has played in from Orchestra Luna to the Nickel and Dime Band.  Be sure to check back for the map that will be featured with posts detailing the bands’ biggest gigs and the places of their notable achievements.


About Melissa Tabeek

Melissa Tabeek is a freelance journalist based in Beirut, Lebanon. She reports on politics, culture and social issues in the Middle East. On her website, you can also find her blog, where she writes about her work and daily life in Lebanon. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Journalism from Northeastern University.
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