Happy Record Store Day!

First Rick Berlin’s birthday, now Record Store Day 2012! Though I am on deadline for my video project and sadly cannot be out among my fellow vinyl-philes today —whom I know are all undoubtedly hunting through crusty piles of old records for an overlooked Jimi Hendrix or Miles Davis — I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the very important day that I will celebrate…next year.

Compliments of YouTube, here is a video of my favorite songs — Refugee — by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers being played on someone’s turntable.

In the spirit of the holiday (yes, this is a holiday), here is a great NPR piece with Bob Boilen featuring “Music Man Murray,” from today’s Weekend Edition Saturday. It’s a truly lovely story about a man and his thousands of records (also beautifully shot). Check out the video below.


Finally, to all you out there supporting your local record stores today, pat yourself on the back and take a Cher album from their “FREE” pile for me.


About Melissa Tabeek

Melissa Tabeek is a freelance journalist based in Beirut, Lebanon. She reports on politics, culture and social issues in the Middle East. On her website, you can also find her blog, where she writes about her work and daily life in Lebanon. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Journalism from Northeastern University.
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